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  • Vecoplan Film Shredding/Grinding Line

    Category: Grinders

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    Infeed Conveyor to the Shredder, 36″wide x 22′ long
      2. Vecoplan Shredder, RG52/100 FF High Torque Shredder
      3. Exit Conveyor from the Vecoplan Shredder( hockey Stick) to the Granulator,
          20″ wide x 15′ long. Has a Tunnel Metal Detector on it(expensive)
      4. Blower(15 HP), cyclone on a stand with rotary airlock
      5. Large Control Panel for all the conveyors, Shredder, etc.
      6. Refurbished Cumberland 50B(MA750) Granulator
  • Cumberland 1620 Grinder w/infeed conveyor, blower/cyclone and baghgouse

    Category: Grinders

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      One grinding line with infeed conveyor, Cumberland 1620 Granulator, 3 knife
    open rotor, 20 HP motor, air-veyor discharge, blower to a cyclone on a stand
    with a rotary air lock and a baghouse.
  • Granutec 50 HP Granulator Model TFG1624

    Category: Grinders

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    Granutec 50 HP Granulator Model TFG1624

    50 HP – with drive motor

  • Nelmor G1436MB Granulator with Feed Rolls

    Category: Grinders

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    NELMOR – Model: G1436MB

    Nelmor G1436MB Granulator with Feed Rolls
    In-feed: 4″ Diameter x 35.5″ Wide Knurled Steel Feed Rolls / 30″ Wide In-feed Trumpet
    w/Dancer Bar – 1 HP D/C Motor & 8″ x 13″ Side Parts Feed
    Cutting Chamber: 14″ x 36″
    Rotor: 3 Knife Solid
    Bed Knives: D2
    Screen: 3/8″ Diameter
    Base: Forklift
    Discharge: 8″ Airveyor
    Motor: 75 HP 460
    Controls: Unitized Panel w/Starter & Controls for Granulator and 10 HP Blower – D/C Variable
    Speed Control for Feed-Rolls
    Sound Control: Insulated Body Panels and In-Feed Hopper
    Reconditioning option available on reques

  • Polymer Model # 2040 Granulator 150 HP

    Category: Grinders

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    Polymer Model # 2040 Granulator – 150 HP – 3 knife open rotor

    Opening: 20″ x 40″

  • Pallman Granulator Agglomerator System PFV200 – New 2004


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    Pallmann Used Granulator Agglomerator System PFV200 , Yr. 2004
    Complete System – Installed and Operational

    460 volt

    Knife Mill Model PSP 400×500 with Profile/sheet Shute, Serial Number: 0607.2004.0068

    Hot Melt Granulator Model PSHG 300×500
    Cooling & Air Classifying Unit
    Bag Station with dual Discharge

    Control System with Allen-Bradley Panelview Control

    Approx 500 lb/hr

    Good for low density material

  • Cumberland #50B (MA 750) 200 HP Heavy Duty Granulator

    Category: Grinders

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    Refurbished Granulator, Cumberland # 50B (MA750), 3 knife high shear open rotor, New
    rotor blades and bed knives. 20″ x 50″ opening, 50B feed hopper, 1/2″ screens. Rebuilt 200 HP
    motor with a 0ne year warranty. Control Panel with new soft-start. On stand with new air-vey
    discharge. New belts and belt guards and new pulley. Some parts are from a MA750 Granulator
    ( 50B knockoff). All parts cleaned and repainted, Bearings checked(good shape) and greased.
  • AEC Nelmor G1620 Granulator

    Category: Grinders

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    AEC Nelmor G1620 Granulator

    AEC Nelmor G1620 Granulator

    16″ x 20″

    25 HP 460v

    Cutting Chamber 16 x 20

    3 Blade open rotor

    1 stationary blade

    screen size 1/4″

    vacuum take off size 2.5″

    full load amps 43

    dimensuions 81″ l x 42″ w x 73.5″

    weight 2988 lbs.

  • AEC Nelmor G1524MB Granulator

    Category: Grinders

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    AEC Nelmor G1524MB Granulator

    AEC Nelmor G1524MB Granulator

    480/3/60 volt

    Heavy Duty Granulator

    Cutting Chamber 14 x 24

    stationary blades 1

    Vaccum take off size 6″

    Hopper Style both hand abnd robot feed

    style of material discharge vac bin

    full load amps 72

    Dimensions: 69″ L x 56″ w x 74″ H

    Weight: approx 6,000 pounds

    Approx Throughput  1000 pounds/hour

    Note: No Contro panel included, No evacuation system included – New machine control panel available: $2750.00


  • Nelmor Model G2056 MB Granulator 150 HP

    Category: Grinders

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    Nelmor Model G2056MB grinder. 150 HP motor.  It has 5-Blade Open Rotor With Scissor Cut, machine weight 9400 lbs.

    OPTION: We are offering it with the infeed conveyor or without if you don’t need it.

  • Cumberland X1000 Granulator 24″ x 40″- 100 HP  460V

    Category: Grinders

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    Cumberland X1000 Granulator 24″ x 40″- 100 HP  460V
    Feed throat:  24″ x 40″
    Number of stationary blades:  two (2)
    Rotor:  3 blade
    Blower 15 HP 
    Approx Throughput – 1900 lb/hr
    Screen Size:  1/2″ with spare 3.8″ screen

    Included: Granulator, blower, control panel
    Spare Screen
    Three sets of Spare Blades

    Conveyors not included
    Cyclone and filter head not included

    Dimensions:  135″L x 82.5″W x 106″H
    Weight:  approx. 12,500 lbs.

  • Cumberland Model 37B High Shear Grinder 200 HP Motor

    Category: Grinders

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    1)  Cumberland 37B Granulator, 3 knife high shear rotor, 18″ x 37 ” opening,
    200 HP MOTOR, Feed hopper, new bearings, new blades, screens, discharge hopper with pipe
    flange for blower. 460V/ 3PH/ 60Hz. – Completely Refurbished !!!  Excellent Condition!