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  • Theysohn TTM118 – Twin Screw Counter Rotating PVC Extruder 2000

    Category: Extruders

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    Theysohn TTM118 – 118 mm Twin Screw Counter Rotating PVC Extruder – New 2000

    117 KW AC Motor – Tungsten Barrel & Screws – 6000 hours – 2000 lbs/hr. Rigid PVC – Eisenbeiss Gear Box

  • Theysohn Model TTM 138 PVC Twin Screw Extruder – 138 mm New 2000

    Category: Extruders

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    Theysohn Model TTM 138 PVC Twin Screw Counter Rotating Extruder – 138 mm – New 2000

    138 mm – 165 KW AC Motor-Eisenbeiss Gear Box – 2500 lbs/hr of Rigid PVC – Tungsten Barrel and Screws

  • Category: Shredders

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    New Shred Tech Model ST-25 ES  Dual Shaft Shredder

  • PTI Sheet Line 78″ x 16″ with 6″ Extruder & Downstream – New 2003

    Category: material blenders

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    78″ PTI Sheet Line – 6″ Extruder and 16″ x 78″ Roll Stack – Complete Line 

  • Melt Indexer

    Category: Lab Equipment

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    Melt Indexer

  • Zed Thermoformer Model SC2525

    Category: Thermoformers

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    Zed Thermoformer Model SC2525 – 1998

  • Brown Thermoformer SR2525 – 1997

    Category: Thermoformers

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    Brown Thermoformer SR2525 – 1997

  • Cumberland ROTOR off of a HOG #3263 Grinder

    Category: rotors for grinders

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    Cumberland Rotor off of a HOG Grinder #3263

    selling just the rotor – but it also comes with a box of new and used blades – about 50

  • Erema 1714 TVE PLUS Pelletizing Line – Refurbished!!!

    Category: Erema Recycling Lines

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        Processed materials: LDPE, LLDPE film, HDPE film, PP film
    Unprinted to slightly printed, clean and dry, free of abrasive and corrosive contamination, as well as free of PVC, max. input moisture 4 %, feed materials to be proportioned to an adequate shape for feeding.
    LDPE, LLDPE film up to 1100 kg/h PP film up to 1100kg/h
    HDPE film up to 850kg/h
    dependent on bulk density, humidity, contamination, film thickness, pre proportion and filtration size.
    1 Conveyor belt FB 10000_1200_SH used
    1 Double Layer All Metal Detector – used
    1 preparation for Reel Feeder Device RZ_160- used
    1 preparation for Powder Dosing Unit – Vol. – used
    1 preparation for Powder Dosing Unit – Vol. – used
    1 preparation for Twin Screw Feeder – Volumetric – used
    1 INTAREMA Process Combination – I_1714_TVEplus – used
    Cutter Compactor motor: 250 kW
    Extruder motor: 315 kW frequency controlled
    1 Control package INTAREMA – used
    Start/stop control
    Control of the various feeding units (conveyor belt and roller intake) as a function of the load of the EREMA cutter/ compactor.
    Automatic load detector
    Automatic fine adjustment of the operating point to energy- efficient operation by regulating the load in the EREMA cutter/ compactor
    Load control cutter/compactor
    Automatic line stop in case of underfeeding of the EREMA cutter/compactor
    Pelletiser speed control via extruder speed
    Consistent pellet form thanks to controlled adjustment of the pelletiser speed to the current output of the extruder.
    1 Touch control panel – used
    1 Input Slider – Automatic Setting – used
    1 Upgrade: Extruder Vacuum Pump – used
    VAC_EXTR_INOX_100_160 Extruder vacuum pump
    • Stainless steel execution
    • High resistance to corrosion
    1 Erema Air flush Technology AFL_1300_1700 – used
    1 Powered Exhaust System SAS_2500 – used
    1 preparation for TROX Exhaust Unit TX_1 – used
    1 Water System for Vacuum Pump BWB_500_S – used
    1 EREMA TWIN LF 2/354 used with standalone electrical cabinet
    Continuous high-performance filtration system for the separation of “soft” contaminants such as paper, wood, aluminium, copper, foreign polymers, etc. from contaminated plastic melt.
    Scraper disc and scraper ensure remarkable efficiency thanks to their innovative geometry and the directly connected discharge channels. Contaminants are lifted from the screen immediately and forwarded to the coaxial discharge screw. The contaminants are removed under control and with a minimum of melt via this optimised discharge system.
    The scraper and discharge screw speeds are controlled fully automatically.
    – fast removal of contaminants through self-cleaning filter system with rotating scraper for screen cleaning
    – high separation capacity and lowest melt losses
    – less labour required thanks to long screen change intervals
    – additional distributor ring to protect screen, scraper and discharge system – easier, faster knife removal thanks to quick-changing tool
    – for demanding filtration tasks
    screen diameter: 350 mm
    number of screens: 4
    total filter area: 2,684 cm2 cleaned by 12 scrapers
    1 Hot Die Face Cutter HG_244D – used
    1 Pellet Dewatering Screen – GS_2010_1000 used
    1 Water Pump Station – WPS_700 used
    1 Pellet Drying Centrifuge – GZ_1000_M1 used
    1 Pellet Transport System – PTS_18_I_FG used
    Consisting of:
    1 FG40 transport blower Up to 8 m pipes insulated 2 Bends insulated
    1 Cyclone 380 l insulated
    1 Frame for cyclone
    1 Powered Throughput Meter – PDW_1500 used
    1 Pellet Cyclone Insulated – PZK_130_I used
  • Vecoplan RTR 70/200 KT FF Single Shaft Shredder – New 2010

    Category: Shredders

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    Vecoplan Single Shaft Shredder Model RTR70/200 KT FF
    275 HP, New In 2010 (203kw) – Hard Faced Film & Fiber Rotor With Water Cooling, 70″ Wide x 82″, HiTorc Drive System With PowerFlex 755 VFD, – 10.25 Cubic Yard Hopper Volume, 20″ Rotor Diameter, Hydraulic Ram,  7/8″ Screen Size, With Allen-Bradley PLC.
  • Kason # K48-1C – Classifier Stainless Steel – New 2013

    Category: Classifiers

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    Kason Model K48-1C 0 Stainless Steel  Classifier – New 2013

    48″ Diameter

  • Maag Melt Pump – Unused – 30 HP

    Category: Melt Pumps

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    MAAG Pump Systems Unused  30 HP Melt pump. 6750 PPH at 60 PAS.
    David Brown 50:1 gearbox ratio.