Yong Teng 90 mm Sheet Line

Yong Teng 90 mm Sheet Line – Complete

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1.   Yong Teng 90mm single screw extruder, 38:1 L:D bimetallic barrel and alloy surfaced bi metallic screw, dual (2) vents with vent plugs. Gear reducer heavy duty gear reducer with 14:1 gear ratio, for screw speed up to 128 rpm. Gear reducer rating = 150 HP. Gear reducer includes oil pump lubrication system with on / off pressure which if pump is not on, extruder will not start and will stop the extruder if the pump fails. Also with the gear reducer is an oversized heat exchanger for cooling the oil and also an oil filter is mounted. Standard 40” centerline screw c/l to base, mounted on platform. Motor VFD type drive motor, ABB 90 Kw (118 HP) AC 480 volt / 3 phase / 60 hertz. Extruder is electrically heated and air cooled. Extruder will have 7 zones on the extruder alone for heating and cooling. The extruder will include a 2 screw feeder mounted over the feed throat, with adjustable speed motor drive. Screw design supplied for PET processing. A free standing temperature controller will be supplied with built in zones therein. All instrumentation will be Japanese manufacture RKF and electrical parts will be where possible marked CSA but minimally will be labelled CE (European standard). Panel door interlocks. The ABB motor controller will be mounted in this panel. As all other controls for the extruder. The control panel will have all heating zones in it excluding the roll temperature control zones. The panel is cooled by circulating ambient air via 4 cooling fans 6 inch (150mm diameter).
A platform is supplied for positioning the extruder to the correct height in relation the roll stack and this platform will be heavy duty and will have stairs and safety rails for the entire platform open spaces. A screw removing device will be included. 
2.   One hydraulic slide plate screen changer to be supplied, including two position of flow path size of 100mm (4 inches) each side, hydraulic actuation, hydraulic power pack with accumulator for fast changes, hoses and valve for operation, manual type. Adapter from screen changer to extruder and extruder to die. 
3.   An EDI (USA made) rebuilt and mounting to the adapter. The die width will be 44 inch lip width. The die will have a 0-.040 inch adjustment range in the flex lip. Wider sheet can be run on the line up to maximum die width. 
4.   Sheet roll stack including; 3 roll stack with 30° tilt for ease of starting up, Roll sizes, 500 mm (20 inch diameter) x 1250mm wide rolls x 3 with hard chrome mirror finish on outside of rolls, and driven by independent motor gear units mounted on each roll. Gear units to be 5.5 Kw Yaskawa motors VFD variable speed motor and control x 3 rolls. Each roll is capable of 30 feet per minute (9 meters per minute) sheet speed at full motor drive rpm. Each roll is supplied with 1 rotary water valves entry & exist of water. X 3 sets. 3 water fluid temperature controllers are supplied free standing on rollers, one for each roll. Fittings and plumbing is supplied to water Temperature control heating and cooling heat exchange units supplied, one for each roll x 3. 
5.   Precision manual adjust of roll closing is supplied on top and bottom roll on both sides of the roll. The top and bottom roll only move. Roll frames are 120mm (4”) thick steel and include all safety controls, trip cord for pinch risk, auto roll reversing and opening of rolls to full open positon 4 inches or (120mm). Rolls are moved hydraulically open and close positions bottom and top roll. A complete “Operators control station” will be fitted onto the frame for the sheet stack assembly which will house the electrical controls for the 3 roll units, control and information i.e. roll temperature, roll speed and roll motor amperage load, for each roll motor. 
6.   Cooling conveyor and component parts:  Parts are to supply including conveyor length of 6 meters (20 Foot long) width 50 inches, (1270mm) roll width with free rolling roller bearings, end frames, 2 slitting positions with 3 adjustable knife cutters for knives adjustable on mounting shaft, with the knife holder being protected with a guard plate for safety and knife cutter. Also on the conveyor at the end is located a silicone bath, coater and dryer. This is removable if not necessary for product being made. 
7.   Pull rolls unit: Including two pull rolls to convey sheet from the sheet roll stand down the cooling conveyor by means of the pull rolls. Roll diameters are (8 inch – 200 mm) diameter x 1244 mm roll width (49 inch) with motor drive inter-tied to the motors on the sheet roll stand. Safety interlocks are supplied for quick open and reversing if required, opening to 120mm (4 inch).
8.   Winder: A two position winder with winding maximum diameter of 46 inches (1145mm) x width of (44 inches) be supplied. Quick release winding air shaft and end holding locking clamps, on each spindle, bottom roll offset for easy removal of full rolls. Motor driven each shaft with tension control clutches for adjustable tension on each roll. Operator’s controls mounted on the winder station. 
9.   One used Unadyne DHD 40 desiccant dryer included voltage 575 volts.