Prealpina Model T.60 – 35:1 Pelletizing Line

Prealpina SRL Single Screw Pelletizing Line, type/model T.60 L/D 35-Vent with a capacity of 80-110 kg/hr. (176-242 lbs./hr.) recycled grinded rigid plastic materials PE, PP, PC, PS,ABS, ABS/PC, PA, (1) Single extruder 60 mm dia single screw incl. rigid materials dosing unit (1) Die head-spaghetti, (1) Filter Cresta 80 mm dia.(1) Hydraulic screen changer semi-automat without interrupting the extrusion, (1) Degassing pump, (1) Cooling water bath, (1) Sheer pelletizing unit, type SGS 100, (1) Control panel and additional infrastructure. Reported refurbished.