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ITEM #: 12289


intended for the following waste: output
BOPP film, fluff, lumps, MDO waste 900-1000 kg/h
CPP film, fluff, lumps 900-1000 kg/h
Performance is provided for reference only.
The capacity of the device depends on the properties of the material, e.g. moisture content,
printing, weight, melt index, contamination and degree of filtration.
Average power consumption: 500 kW
Average cooling water demand: 668 l/min
Average fresh water consumption: 34 l/h
Maximum compressed air consumption: 100 l/minNGR X:GRAN 145 HD RECYCLING LINE



X-CFE Cutter-feeder extruder combination

  1. X-C1200 Single Shaft Shredder
  2. X-FS 200-1200 Feeding Screew FS200
  3. X-E145-30 Extruder E145
  4. X-ED250 Extruder driuve unit 250 kw

Conveyor belt incl. metal detector

B_SONDER  Reel feeder RF 600 DD (max. intake capacity 750 Kg/h)

X-SC180 Screen Changer

X-HD2000 Pelletizing unit incl. downstream equipment

X-ASC Automatic adjustment of speed of pelletizing unit

Additional information
Barrel and screw: the screw and barrel used have the following properties:
Barrel : bimetallic extruder drum, 1.8-2.0mm reinforced layer, hardness 63 – 65 HRC
Screw: land cladded and nitrided , hardness 54 – 56 HRC
The lifetime of the screw cannot be guaranteed because this is dramatically influenced
by the processed materials , the contamination and additives .
Colour :
The system is executed in following colours : grey RAL 7035/ RAL 7046 and yellow
RAL 1021
Safety regulations:
the installation has been designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN, CE and
ISO safety guidelines. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with any local safety
1 x in paper form, 1 x on CD-ROM
Along with the installation, it provides a full set of documentation for the installation
in English, which includes:
– list of spare and wearing parts
– operation and maintenance manual
– installation instructions
Standards ( NGR ) : TN-C Network with a directly earthed point in which an earth
conductor ( PE ) is connected to this point.
Three phase system 0-conductor
Voltage : 3×400 Volt Probable fluctuation max : ± 5%
Frequency : 50 Hz Probable fluctuation max : ± 4%
Protection measure : protection multiple earthing
Ambient temperature : min. 15°C ; max.35 °C
Humidity of air max : 90 %
Altitude of installation site : 0-1000 m
Cooling water :
The cooling water has to be chemically neutral and is not allowed to be aggressive.
Colling water is closed or open loop circuits and water quench system must have the
following properties :
Temperature: max. 15 °C
Cooling water inlet tolerance: +/- 2°C max
General requirements: no sediment
pH index (at 25°C): 7.5 – 9
Electrical conductivity: < 150 µS/cm
Total hardness: < 5° dH
Carbonate hardness: < 3° dH
Chlorides: < 40 mg/l

Second cooling system:
Depending on the quality of the water, it can cause calcification when the temperature
rises above 55°C. In this case, a second water system is necessary, in which process
water flows. There must be no deposits or calcification in the cooling water inlet.
Alternative systems in case of too high carbonate hardness of water:
If the carbonate hardness of the water is too high, the customer must install special
water softening equipment or a cooling system with a heat exchanger. If a cooling unit
is used, it is essential to follow the installation and operation instructions provided by
the unit manufacturer.
Water requirements:
Cooling water requirements are dependent on the quality and form of the material
produced and the allowable temperature difference between the cooling water inlet
and outlet.
If the water quality deviates from the above specifications, please contact a specialist