Netsal 600 Ton Injection Molder – New 2005

Netsal 600 Ton Injection Molder (High Speed) New 2005

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Netstal 600 Ton Injection Molder (High Speed)
Model: Synergy S-6000-3700E
Year: 2005
Min shut height: 33.465”
Max shut height: 53.150”
Clamp stroke: 37.402”
Distance between tie bars:
Max daylight: 90.551”
Pot diameter: 80 mm
Length” 98.16 cubic inches
Grams: 1,454.42
Controls: Netstal, screenshot
Has core pull
Inj. accumulators
Robot Interface
Currently running with IML robots.
Set up to run valve gated or hot tip runners.
Can run hydraulic ejectors on either/both platens
Under Power
Very Good Condition