Conair 54″ x 80″ Single Shaft Shredder New 2017

Conair Model 1554 Single Shaft Shredder – New 2017

54″ x 80″ – 150 HP Motor

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ITEM #: 8609


54″ x 80″ Conair Shredder ’17
MODEL: 1554  |  Age: 2017
 Conair 54″ x 80″ Shredder   NEW – 2017
 Model # 1554
 4″ thick wall, planked and cut into 5′ or less
 lengths and also pre-chipped pipe. Thru-put rate is
 2000 lbs/hr
 Hopper Size Opening: 54″ x 80″
 40mm Dagger-Cut Knives
 Single Shaft Shredder
 54″ Single Piece Solid Forged Rotor:
 -Special Alloy Steel Heat Treated for additional
 -Limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage
 Unlimited Hours
 -Oversized Outboard Pillow Block Bearings
 -Split bearing housing for easy access
 -RM Relief, self-cleaning, non-trapping rotor seals
 150 HP Drive 480V/3 phase/60HZ Drive:
 -Electronic Soft Start
 -Right Angle Gearbox Drive System
 -Controlled Over Torque Limiting Clutch Assembly o
 Removes rotational inertia on metal impacts
 -Pre-established Belt Alignment
 -High speed counter for tramp metal shutdown switch
 SHH Frame Design:
 -Heavy duty welded frame design
 -Stress relieved weldment
 15″ Diameter Rotor 2 Row of Cutters:
 -Bolt-In Replaceable Tool Holders
 -High Impact/High Wear Cutters
 -Reversible, sharpenable counter knife system
 -74 total cutters in system 54″ x 80″ Hopper Opening
 Dual Pump High Speed Hydraulic Ram Control:
 -Closed loop pressure control
 -Ultra High Speed ram return
 -7.5 HP Dual pump system
 Shredder Control Software:
 -Color touch screen LCD Human Machine Interface(HMI)
 -Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controls
 -Fuse free control box
 12″ Riser Base for Conveyor Discharge
 Pipe Package Frame
 Extended Compartment