Cincinnati Extruders (TC 86mm) CM 80 – CM 111(Several of each)

(3) Cincinnatti Milacron TC-86 Extruders all of which are in excellent condition. AC Motors
(7) CM-80 Extruders that have been converted to 84mm Barrel and Screws and Adapters. 100 HP AC Motors
(2) Cincinnatti Milacron CM-80HP Extruders 100HP AC Motors
(1) Cincinatti Milacron CM-111
Some of these Extruders will have Crammers on them which is a 40K option from Cincinnatti Milacron. These will be on first come first serve basis. All Machines will have a Vacuum Pump and an Oil unit (if not on the machine) it will be included.
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