6″ NRM Rebuilt Extruder w/New 400 HP AC motor & Dr. 30:1 – Vented

SPECIAL – 6″ NRM Plastics Extruder – Rebuilt- approximately 43″ centerline height, gearbox having new bearing (less thrust) and seals with cooling unit, heat exchanger, pump and motor, 30:1 L/D 8 zone barrel, new cast aluminum heaters, air cooled and vented barrel with new blowers and shrouds, new insulated barrel covers, 2 stage general purpose polyolefin rebuilt screw, hones barrel, NEW 400 HP WEG AC motor with NEW AC drive control in panel, Reworked 12 zone control panel with new interior electronics & Cal 9900 solid state plug in type instruments, complete with in feed hopper and clean  out and diverter chute

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