4.5 Sterling Pelletizing Line W/WRP12V

4.5 Sterling Pelletizing Line with WRP 12V

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ITEM #: 9522


  4.5″ Sterling Pelletizing Line With Beringer WRP12V Water Ring Pelletizer. Includes one
4.5″ Sterling / Davis Standard Extruder, 30:1 L/D, 14:1 Gearbox Ratio, Lufkin Gearbox, Air-Cooled Barrel,
6 Barrel Zones, 4 Die Zones, 200 HP AC Motor With Inverter Drive, Bunting Magnet, Hopper.
  4.5″ Beringer Slide Plate Screen Changer With Hydraulic Power Pack, Beringer WRP12V Water Ring Pelletizer,
Box Tipper, Material Vacuum Pump, Receiver For Extruder Hopper, Budzar Chiller.