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  • EREMA INTAREMA 1512-TVE Plus Pelletizing Line – New 2018

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    Erema Intarema 1512_TVEplus Pelletizing Line Used Erema Intarema 1512_TVEplus Pelletizing Line, nominal capacity range 850-1250kg/hr depending on feed material, currently with 8505 run hours consisting of the following: -FB_7000_1100_SH cleated feed conveyor, 1100mm(43″) wide x 7000mm(275″) long cleated inclined belt. -DTF 1300/1100/400 pass thru over belt metal detector, 400mm(15.7″) tall opening. -Erema Intarema extruder, model I_1521_TVEplus with ecoSave, preconditioning densifier, with 4 blade rotor, under driven by 250kw(335hp) ac motor, single screw melt extruder, 3S technology mixing, driven by 250kw(335HP) ac motor. -powder exhaust system with cyclone collector and blower for preconditioning densifier -LF_2_354 laser filter, 1295 sq cm filter area, scraper driven by 4kw motor drive on stand. -dual side degassing vents with 4.3kw liquid ring vacuum pump system with water circulation system, pump, and stainless steel water basin. -HG_244D hot die face pelletizer driven by 2.2kw(2.9HP) ac motor with (5) blade cutting head, stainless steel water ring housing with water pump station with heat exchanger and circulation pump. -GS_2010_1000 pellet dewater screen, stainless steel screen deck, driven by dual .30kw vibro motor with water catch basin. -GZ_1000_M15 centrifugal pellet dryer, 500mm(19.6″) diameter driven by 22kw(29.5HP) ac motor pellet transport system with cyclone collector with rotary air lock and blower. -integrated EL_Smart operator hmi control station, control panels with PLC controls, and extruder motor frequency controllers. system serial# P-20170340, built 2018