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    Category: Pulverizers

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    -6 Pitch Steel Belt
    -40” Wide
    Cart Tipper
    -56” deep x 49” wide (just short of 50)
    -Pivot point is 58”

  • Nelmor G1436MB Granulator with Feed Rolls

    Category: Grinders

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    NELMOR – Model: G1436MB

    Nelmor G1436MB Granulator with Feed Rolls
    In-feed: 4″ Diameter x 35.5″ Wide Knurled Steel Feed Rolls / 30″ Wide In-feed Trumpet
    w/Dancer Bar – 1 HP D/C Motor & 8″ x 13″ Side Parts Feed
    Cutting Chamber: 14″ x 36″
    Rotor: 3 Knife Solid
    Bed Knives: D2
    Screen: 3/8″ Diameter
    Base: Forklift
    Discharge: 8″ Airveyor
    Motor: 75 HP 460
    Controls: Unitized Panel w/Starter & Controls for Granulator and 10 HP Blower – D/C Variable
    Speed Control for Feed-Rolls
    Sound Control: Insulated Body Panels and In-Feed Hopper
    Reconditioning option available on reques

  • Polymer Model # 2040 Granulator 150 HP

    Category: Grinders

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    Polymer Model # 2040 Granulator – 150 HP – 3 knife open rotor

    Opening: 20″ x 40″

  • 3.5″ Welex 30:1 Extruder

    Category: Extruders

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    Screw Diameter 3.5″
    L/D Ratio 30:1
    Barrel Zones 5
    HP Capacity 430 HP
    Type of Cooling Water Cooled
    Electrics 480V
    Pump 2 HP Recirculation Pump with Heat Exchanger
    GB Serial Number 71092783-4
    Amps 600 Amp Breaker
    Drive Type Yasakawa A1000 AC Drive – 460/60/3 – 207 Amps
    Equipped With 4.5″ Slide Plate Screen Changer
    Equipped With Melt Pump
    Includes (12) Ascon Q1, 3 Omron, 1 Eurotherm Temperature
    Dimensions 210″ x 60″ x 95″
    Options Other Misc Parts Included / Spare Screw
    Options No Extruder Motor Included

  • Conair VC44P20PSF 20′ Vacuum Sizing Tanks – (Four Available) New 2017

    Category: Vacuum Tanks

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    Conair VC44P20PSF 20′ Vacuum Sizing TankS – (Four Available) New 2017

    Brand: Conair

    Model: VC44P20PSF

    Year: 2017

    Type of Cooling Spray Nozzles

    Number of Compartments 2

    Length Per Compartment 10′

    Max Part Width 16″

    Overall Tank Length 22′

    Vacuum Pumps (2) 5 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

    Centrifugal Pump Horsepower 5 HP

    Electrical Requirements  460/3/60

    NOTE: Great Video Available upon request.
    Jeanine Jodice
    516 766 3222 office
    516 317 9731 cell
    Plastic Machinery of New York, Inc.
  • Gala Model 5 MUP Underwater Pelletizing System

    Category: Pelletizers

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    Gala model 5MUP underwater pelletizing system. Includes 2 HP cutter with four (4) blade hub, three (3) spare dies, 40 GPM TWS-40 water system with heater, pump, heater exchanger, 5 HP model 8.2 BF dryer, and non-OEM custom control panel

  • 2.5″ Pelletizing Line

    Category: Extrusion Pelletizing Lines

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    2.5” pelletizing line including the following:

    A. 2.5″ Hartig extruder with a 24:1 L/D four (4) zone electrically heated, air cooled, and non-vented barrel at approximately a 42″ center line height. Serial number BE-836. 3″ round feed entrance. Koellmann gearbox has a reduction ratio of 13.95:1 and is rated at 108 HP at a service factor of 1.0. Gearbox is belt driven by a 50 HP GE D/C motor with Safetronics model DC-6 SCR control. Free standing temperature control panel has seven (7) zones of Eurotherm 3208 digital controllers. Water cooled screw with rotary union. Manufactured 1/21/1993. Very clean. 460/3/60 input power.

    B. Mounted on the discharge of the extruder is a six hole electrically heated strand die with downward orientation.

    C. Nominal 6’ long Emery stainless steel water bath measuring 14” wide x 8” deep with strand guides. Includes 54” x 34” x 24” stainless reservoir, Alpha Laval plate and frame heat exchanger with ½ hp pump and 1 ½ hp Liberty pump  for the water bath.

    D. Berlyn model HV-2 air stripper with nominal 10” slot opening, 2 HP blower, starter and disconnect. 460/3/60.

    E. 6” Cumberland “Quietizer” pelletizer having a sixteen (16) knife rotor with removable blades. S/N 326050-B-92016. Factory sound suppression enclosed. Air actuated top rubber roll. Rotor and pull rolls are V-belt driven by a 7.5 HP inverter duty A/C motor with Yaskawa V1000 inverter with remote keypad. Manufactured in 1992. Exceptional condition.

    All equipment is extremely clean and recently pulled from service. Great small line for reclaiming captive scrap.

  • 6″Merrit Davis 36:1 Extruder w/Side Stuffer

    Category: Extruders

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    Merritt Davis 6″ Extruder. 36:1 L/D. Vented barrel with 18″ air operated side stuffer. Air-cooled. 600HP DC motor with Control Techniques drive. Control cabinet with Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC and Cutler Hammer Panel Mate HMI. Has original wiring diagrams as well as PLC and HMI programs. Includes: 36″ X 36 feed conveyor with new belt. 16″ X 16 Feed conveyor with air ram and new belt. Condex hot face cutter, 6 accessory drives for upstream and downstream equipment. Rebuilt barrel and screw. Still under power and can schedule appointment to see run.

  • Leistritz 110 mm (4.29″) Single Screw Pelletizing Line

    Category: Extrusion Pelletizing Lines

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    Leistritz 110 mm (4.29″) Single Screw Pelletizing Line

    Leistriz 4.29″ (110 mm) Single Screw Pelletizing Line consisting of: (1) Leistriz single screw extruder, type ESE110/30D. 30:1 L/D. Electrically heated, air cooled. Max screw speed 140 RPM via a HE-43-160 gearbox by a 150HP/100Kw motor. Incl. feed hopper and vacuum pump. New 1995. (1) Hydraulic screen changer, (1) Die head frame mounted on wheels, (1) Stainless steel water bath, (1) Gala Model 8.1 3F pelletizing/drying system, Stainless steel, incl. water system, (1) Operating panel, (1) Control panel. New 1995. Previous used on PE R&D application in a university lab.

  • Republic RM52-200 Single Shaft (FILM) Shredder with Conveyors

    Category: shredders single shaft

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    Republic RM52-200 Single Shaft Film Shredder with Conveyors

    Republic RM52-200 Single Shaft Shredder with Conveyors

    Film Zodial Rotors

    63 Cutters

    15″ Diameter Rotor

    2″ Screen

    30″ Long Infeed Conveyor, 50″ Wide Flatbed

    Bunting Metal


    31″ wide “Hockey Stick” Style Shredder Discharge Conveyor

    56″ Discharge Height


  • Tria Model 900 NS-R Pull Roll Granulator.

    Category: Grinders

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    Tria Model 900 NS-R Pull Roll Granulator. 12.5″ x 40″ feed throat (1020mm x 320mm). Five (5) knife open rotor with two (2) bed knives. Rotor is belt driven by a 22 Kw (30 HP). Feed hopper with rear mounted 36″ wide steel / serrated pull rolls. Air actuated feed rolls are powered by a 1 Kw (1.5 HP) A/C motor. 9″ x 19.5″ front material hopper entrance. 12.6 Kw (17 HP) blower discharge with Kongskilde OK160 piping and cyclone with filter bag. Approximate production rate of 400-600 kg/hr. (880-1320 lbs./hr.). Includes free standing panel with controls. 480/3/60

  • (2) 12,000 lbs each – Stainless Steel Blending Silos – 10” center auger

    Category: Blending Silos

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    12,000 lbs each – Stainless Steel Silo – 10” center auger