Cumberland Model 24 – Granulator – 75 HP – with Solid Radial Rotor * Refurbished *

Cumberland Granulator – Model 24 – with Solid Radial rotor – Completely Refurbished !!! – 17″ x 24″ opening, 3 knife solid radial rotor, two bed knives (all knives and hold down blocks are new) new bearings, new feed hopper, new 3/8″ screen, 75 HP motor on a new motor mount and stand, new motor shieve, new belts, new guard and air discharge chute. Note: originally used for purge and wire grinding but is good for many items such as preforms and parts.   REFURBISHING:  1. Removed rotor, repaired bearing journal and bearing housing and installed two new bearings.  2. Installed new rotor & bed knives with all new bolts.  3. Installed all new bed knives with all new bolts.  4. Fabricated and installed new 3/8″ screen.  5. Fabricated and installed new Feed Hopper. 6. Fabricated and installed new base plate & base stand. 7. Fabricated and installed new discharge chute with 8″ outlet.  8. Installed new tapered motor mount with adjustable motor base. 9. Motor was disassembled, cleaned one new bearing was dipped and repacked.  10. Installed new motor shieve and 8 new bolts.  11. Fabricated and installed new belt guard.  12. Torqued all blades to 375 ft-lbs.  13. All bolt holes were checked, retped or hardened inserts installed.  14.  Granulator was completely repainted.