Thorson McCosh #TD2000 – 2000 PPH Complete Material Drying System MINT!

Thorson McCosh Model TD2000 – 2000/pph Complete Material Drying System – Mint !

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Thorson McCosh 2000/PPH Model # TD2000 Complete Material Drying System – Mint !


APM # 1 MK – Model TD2000- New 1998 – 20 HP motor – 480 Volts/2 PH/60 Hz – TECH 3 Dryer Controls – Dryer was processing ABS, ASA & NYLON – Includes Manuals & Electrical Drawings.


Triple Bed Indexing System that has no rotating or moving seals and airflow valves that have been completely eliminated.

High Pressure Blowers which provide more effective process air flow to material and desiccant bed regeneration.

Bed Index Rotation Indicator.

Extra Large Filters that provide filtration of drying air while preventing desiccant air contamination.

The Cylindrical Dessicant Bed provides increased moisture absorbing capacity.

Efficient static seal that prevent leakage and cross air contamination between desiccant beds while eliminating rotational seal wear and lubrication problems.

The Vertical Manifold Un-Clamping System eliminating load on the rotate drive motor during desiccant bed indexing.

(3) Drying Hoppers with Material Loaders

(1) 1,920 lb. Capacity

(1) 2,400. lb. Capacity

(1) 4,000 lb. Capacity

Multiple hoppers will reduce the clean-out time between material changes.

(3) Material Loaders (1) For each hopper.

((6-10) Machine Material Loaders with (4-6) Side Feeders.

Individual control of hopper temperature is achieved by a Pre-Heater at each hopper.  This allows the drying of different material with various drying temperatures.

Temperature functions allows for hands free method of avoiding material over dry of degradation.  Modulating airflow valves regulate individual hopper airflow automatically based on customized operator setup.