Polystar Repro-Flex Plus 165VS (67.5″) Two Stage Extrusion Pelletizing Linme

Polystar Repro-Flex Plus 165VS (6.5″) Two-Stage Extrusion Pelletizing System w/most upgrade options including dual control panels, nip roll feeder, cutter/compactor inverter, sidefeeder, PE and PP dies, upgraded horizontal water ring pelletizer, screener, cyclone scale. System was bought in 2018 and has less than two years run time.
In-line Fimic melt filter – RAS500 – 1,800lb/hr capacity In-line Shredder w/conveyors – 140Hp – 2,000lb/hr capacity -Miscellaneous spare parts for above -Screen changer – double barrel – new (replaced by melt filter)
Electric Kiln – 24″x24″x36″ for Fimic parts and extrusion dies
Quality Lab – 10’x10′ – can be moved -Melt Index tester – Tinius Olsen – MP993
Moisture tester -Cooling water system w/tanks, heat exchanger, pumps, filter, auto-fill, and piping system -Cooling tower with control panel – Evapco – 40 ton
Chiller – Trane – 40 ton -Roll around ladders with platforms – two each
Nelmor 1440 – 40 Hp sheet grinder with blower and cyclone -Dust hog – SBS4 – 10Hp – for Nelmor grinder -Cumberland 24B – 75Hp grinder with rotary valve, blower and cyclone -Baghouse – 15hp – for Cumberland grinder -IMS grinder – 20Hp -Dust collector – 10Hp – for IMS grinder
Gaylord Box dumper -Other miscellaneous equipment