Barmag 5-Layer Co-Extruder Cast Film Line

Barmag 5-Layer C0-Extrude Cast Film Line

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5-Layer Co-Extruder cast film line with speed 150 mt/min and output 440 lb/hr (200kg/hr) with Die 32.2″ (800 mm)

 Barmag Er-We-Pa, Reifenhäuser, Plamex

Year 1989-1992

Barmag, Er-We-Pa, Reifenhäuser, Plamex Extruder 5-Layer COEX cast film line

Speed of 2-150 meter per minute

Output range of 132 pounds (60 kg.) to 440 pounds (200 kg) per hour.

(1) Schenk process dosing system includes 14 scales.

(4) Single screw Extruders. Extruder A= 1.56″ (40 mm), Extruder B= 1.75″ (45 mm), Extruder C= 2.34″ (60 mm), Extruder D= 2.34″ (60 mm) and Hydraulic screen changes.

(1) Die 32.2″ (800 mm) long x 0.5 mm adjustable die-gap with flex lip, 2nd gap up to 2.2 mm.

(1) ER-WE-PA 5-layer feed bloc system.

(1) Chill roll unit 900 mm width 1st. Roll with structured surface 3-5µm 2nd and 3rd roll chrome polished, heating/cooling by 3 separate units adjustable from 68 degree F (20 C) to 248 degree F (120 C).

(2) FAG -Radiometrie Krypton 85 and Strontium 90 Thickness measurement devices. Film thickness range 10µm 300µm in cast film thick film set, (roll stack mode) up to 2000µm. Net film width 650 mm for thick film below 100µ 550 mm.

(1) Kongskilde edge trimming system with cutters.

(1) AFS Corona Treatment (double side possible)

(1) Wegscheider Engineering control system.

Complete with piping and additional infrastructure.

Previously in a R&D application.