Ashe Diamond Slitter Rewinder New 2015

Ashe Diamond Slitter Rewinder  – New 2015

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 Slitter rewinder for films, papers and other substrates 1300 mm web width
 1000 mm diameter unwind (shaftless floor pickup type) Unwind with chuck for 3 and 6 inch cores.
 600 mm rewind diameter
 Duplex machine with full width differential ball lock collars @25 mm widths 500 m/min run speed
 Automatically lowering razor knives (5 x total)
 Shear slitting possible
 Vacuum drum nip system or ‘hug drum’ for difficult materials
 Touch screen operator panel with job saving
 Lasers on rail for core positioning (6 x total)
Edge trim fan
 Omron laser safety barrier for rewind and operator areas (parts worth £8,000) Light barrier for unwind section (parts worth £3,000)
Ashe DG100 edge guide
Currently setup and ready to run jobs for prospective clients in our factory.