Cumberland X1400 Graulators (2) 2001 and 1999

Cumberland X1400 Granulators (Two) 1999 & 2001

ITEM #: 8001


Cumberland Model X1400 Granulator – 2001 & 1999   Two (2)   NOTE: 1999 SOLD…..2001 Left
Feed Opening please  56″ x 24″
Screen size in each machine?  3/8” holes
Does not come with extra screens or blades
125 HP motor
Each grinder has a blower and cyclone – the HP on the blower –   25 HP (big) !!!
Both come with an in feed conveyors:
21” W x 265’’ L (Cleated).  Magnet at in feed of hopper  SOLD
24” W x 300” L (Cleated).  Magnet on top of conveyor
NOTE: 2001 is left – and the blades in it were replaced August 2019 and used 2 weeks.
The hopper does have the electric jack tilt back assist -newer one may have the Hyd jack back assist
The hopper does have a motorized drop down screen cradle
complete with stater and control panel. No Soft Start