6.5″ /165 mm 32:1 PTI Trident Series Sheet Line Never Used ! New 2006


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PTI Model 6500 – 6.5″ (165 mm) 32:1 Extruder – New 2006 Never Used!

500 HP (373 Kw) 1800 RPM AC vector motor and drive – Heavy Duty Double Reduction Extruder Gear Box with 19.56:1 ratio for 91 RPM 927 HP (XX KS) AGMA rating for a SF of 1.8  – 29452E thrust bearing for 250,000 + hours at 3000 psi (207 bar) and 100 RPM – Feed hopper equipped with magnet drawer, sight glass, and shut-off – Heavy duty cast feed section, jacketed for water cooling, vented barrel with bimetallic lining of Xaloya 800 or equal.  – Heated vent stack and polymer diverter, vent plug included. – Single point utility connection.  Movable extruder base for screw removal. Eight (8) barrel temperature control zones, water cooled.  Manifold assembly includes a flow valve and solenoid valve for each zone.  External lube oil cooling and filtering system including oil pump, water cooled heat exchanger, filter and manifold, tubing and temperature feedback interlocked to drive control.

One (1) feed screw designed for the application of PE & PP, hard chrome plated on all wetted surfaces. Flights are hard faced with Colomonoy 83.  Screw is cored for five diameters for screw cooling.

Three Piece Clamp – heated three piece clamp with lifting mechanism.

PTI Model G6500 Adapeter Network

Pressure rated at 689 bar (10,000 psi) – Includes required adapters from the three piece clamp to the Six element mixer insert.  Installed in housing with flanges at both ends. pre-wired with heater and thermocouple.

54″ (1370 mm) Width Sheet Die and Support – Spooled adapter includes three zones of temperature control – Single manifold die – Die lip opening range of 0.25″ to 0.50″ – Manual lip adj. with adjusting bolts on 1,000′ (25.4 mm) centers. Stainless steel restrictor bar at 45 degrees to flow path. Flow surfaces chrome plated and finished to 1-3 (0.025-0.075 micron) Ra in land area, 4-6 uin (0.10-0.15 micron) Ra on other flow surfaces. Round back center fed entrance.  Die body heaters wired for 5 zones of temperature control – Thermocouple leads included.  Exterior flash chrome plated.  All flow surfaces are hard chrome plated. 4″ (100 mm) of external deckling included per side – Teflon roll bumpers to prevent roll damage – Disassembly and operating tools included.  Stand Along Support Cart. Support system for screen changer to the die – Caster mounted for access to die bolts.

PTI Revolution Series Model RVD601818 Three Roll Sheet Take-Off System –  Vertical Downstack configuration with:         Three double shell spiral baffled chrome rolls plated with hard chrome.  003″ to.005″ (75-125 micron) thick – all rolls polished to a 1-2 uin (0.025-0.050 micron) Ra finish.  – 18″ diameter top center and bottom rolls x 60″ face width.  Quick-Change roll feature with one set of roll removal arms included.  Three (3) high flow Duo-Flow rotary unions. Ball valves at each rotary union. Rolls individually driven with AC motors and drives.  AC Gear motors are mounted directly to rolls.  Hollow through-shafts allow high water flow through roll journal.  Quick roll change feature with adjustable roll removal arms.  Linear roll actuation cylinders with fully captured linear bearings for precise motion control as rolls open and close. Pnematic linear roll actuation with two (2) dual action control valves, resevoir tank, pressure gauge and regulator – Air intensifier for roll stand nip cylinders to boost plant compressed air pressure to increase nip loading.  Motorized roll gap adjustment with digital display of nip opening.  Manual nip height adjustment for adjusting nip height to die.  Three zone wter based temperature control system with dual closed loops for each roll.  Each zone is equipped with a properly sized pump, heat exchanger and immersion heater.  System will be side car mounted.  Pendant control station with AB Panelview Touchscreen mounted on articulating arm. No conveyor is included.  Separate pull roll stand with pneumatically actuated runner covered rolls 8″ diameter x 60″ roll face width.

TITAN PLC Control System – Coordinates all motors, PID temperature loops, pressure loops and interfaces with all safety interlocks.  Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 1500 color touch screen operator interface located in the roll stand pendant.  Controlinet communication to remote I/O  and AC drives.  Ethernet communication to Panelview touchscreens.  Allen-Bradley PLC rack with power supply, processor and communication modules.  Ethernet switch for remote troubleshooting and editing PLC (VPN required for remote access)  Standard screens include: LOG-IN, System and Process Overview, Alarm indication, Temperature and Pressure Controls, Roll Stand speed control, System diagnostics, Recipe functions, Soak cycle feture, Trending Functions, Motor control, Engineering set up )password protected) and Master reset function.  Recipe Storge (30 recipes) Includes 48 hours of trending capabilities – Control voltage is 24 VDC – Downstream heaters hardwired for 480 volt.  Motor and drives are rated for 104 deg F (40 deg. C) ambient temperature, drives larger than 250 HP ( 186 KW) will be air cooled in NEMA 12 Enclosure – Control panels are climate controlled, powered and mounted onto equipment base.   Extruder barrel is tapped with three (3) instrument ports (one for  rupture disc. one ofr a pressure transducer and one spare).  Extruder is equipped with discharge melt temperature indication.  The gear pump system will include one pressure transducer for pressure loop control.