36″ wide x 20′ long “NEW” Convveyor

  One New 36″ wide x 20′ long heavy duty Inclined Feed Conveyor, 12″ sides, cleated belt with 2″ high cleats
on 24″ centers, 6″ diameter feed roller with bearings in a heavy duty slide frame allowing adjustment for belt
alignment, 8″ diameter drive roll driven by a 2 HP motor/gearbox with a chain /sprocket system.
    The bottom of the conveyor is app 6″ off the floor. The exit height( distance from the floor to the bottom
of the drive roller) is app 135″.There is a hopper at the bottom of the conveyor that is 60″ wide and the distance
from the floor to the top of the hopper is app 42″. This height is ideal for use with a box dumper. All legs have
a height adjustment of 12″. Motor will handle a VSD if wanted.  460V/3PH/60Hz.
    Note the front legs are set back 80″.
 There is a Two year warranty on the motor and gearbox.
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