34 mm Leistritz Pelletizing Line (LAB USE ONLY) LSM 30/34

34 mm Leistritz Pelletizing Line – LSM 30/34

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The model is a LSM 30/34
Counter rotating 24:1 – SCREW DESIGN: HIGH SHEAR DESIGN
2002 Sheer Bay Pellitzer w air knife and water bath. 1 Ton SS Chiller is available…
15 HP DC Motor
2007 Trendlekamp 2 deck classifier ..
EST 30-40 lbs per hr.
Feeder Controls
Refurbished Lab machine 1983
240 V.
Extra elements
New Barrel put on in 2019 – New Electrical Controllers – many spares heater bands – fans etc. used to blend two different polymers in LAB.