3/4″ Killion 24″1 Extruder

3/4″ Killion 24:1 Extruder

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Total Rebuild : 3/4” 24:1 Killion Extruder
3/4” 24:1 Killion Extruder
A.Rebuilt Gearbox.
B. New Belts.
C. New Barrel.
D. New Heater Bands & Blowers.
E. New Wireing.
F. New General Purpose Screw.
G. New Control Panel with all new wireing.
H. New Dual Zone controllers.
I. Rebuilt 2H.P. D.C. Motor.
J. New 2 H.P. D.C. Drive.
K. New Stainless Steel Hopper.