240 mm Werner & Fleidererer ZSK-240-R-4400-P Mega Twin Screw Pelletizing Line

240 mm W & F Model ZSK 240-R-4400-P-Mega Twin Screw Pelletizing Line 1990

Under power in plant.


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240 mm Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK-240-R-4400-P Mega Twin Screw Pelletizing Line:

Model: ZSK-240-R New 1990

Screw Diameter: 240 mm

Motor: 3000 HP Motor
Drive: 3000 HP
Screws: Co Rotating
Drive: Siemens
Co-Rotating Screws – Water Cooled

Screen Changer:
Hydraulic Power Pack

Gear Pump: Maag Model Polyrex 280/200
Brand: MAAG
Model: 280/200
Motor: 500 HP GE Motor

Water Ring Style
75 HP Reliance Motor