15T/B Batch SSP System – Solid State System for PET – 2014

15T/B Batch SSP System – Solid State System for PET – 2014

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15T/B Batch SSP System – new 2014 

This system, used to increase IV of PE chips, mainly apply to bottle production through SSP.

Main Specifications:

(1) Capacity of Chips Conveying System: 1.5t/h

(2) Capacity of Crystallization Device: 700 kg/h

(3) Capacity of 30m 3  Tumble Rector: 15T/B (about 5000T/Y)

(4) IV of Original Chips: According to your requirements

(5)  IV of Finished Chi[s: According to your requirements

(6) Installed Power: 250 KW

(7) Cooling water ( (Provide by the buyer) Q=10T/H, T_25 deg C, P=O.3MP’s

(8) Conduction Oil (Provide by the buyer) Q=7T, T-320 deg C

1) 1.5 t/h PET Chips Conveying System

2) 700 kg/h Chips Crystallization System

3)  Chis Silo

4)  Vacuum Systm

5)  Heating System

6) 15 T/B Tumbe Reactor

7) Electric Control System

1.5 t/h Chip Conveying System

Rotary Valve

Conveying Air Supply Unit

Wet Chip Overhead Si;o

Bin LevelMeter

Transfer Piping

Electrical Control System of Conveyor

700 kg PET Crystallizing System

Gate Valve

Sight Glass

Metal Expander

Rotary Valve

Crystallization Device


Bimetallic Thermometer

Cyclone Separator

Butterfly Valve

Dust Collecting Barrel

Metal Expander


Butterfly Valve

Air Vent Valve


Platinum Thermal Resistance

Metal Expander

Flutter Valve

Compensating Port

Metal Expander

Bimetallic Thermometer

Level Controller

Immediate Silo

Electrical Control System of Crystallizer

15 T/B Tumble Reactor

Tumble Rector

Cyclone Separator


Vacuum Pump System

Conduction Oil Heater

Conduction Oil Cooler

Conduction Oil Circulating Pump

Oil-gas Separator

Conduction Oil Conservator

Conduction Oil Lower Tank

Oil Control Valve, Flange, Metal Gasket

Thermometer, Manometer

Electrical Control System


Cooling Wager

Conduction Oil

NOTE: Can be shown running at plant