Extrusion Pipe Lines

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  • 55 mm Cincinnati E55 Pinacle PVC Extruder

    Category: Extrusion Pipe Lines

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    55 mm Cincinnati Milacron E55 Pinacle PVC Extrusion Pipe Line – 1997

  • 80 mm Liansu LSE80 PVC Pipe Extrusion LIne

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    80 mm Liansu Model LSE 80 – PVC Pipe Extrusion Line New 2008

  • Corrugated PE Pipe Extrusion LIne


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    The Korugator is of Chinese origin and is a 2010 model.
    In 2016 year, it was completely revised by a domestic
    Extruders are manufactured by a domestic manufacturer
    and have been revised in 2016.
    Forming molds are manufactured in 2016, suitable for
    SN4 and SN8 production.
    After 2016, the line was only used for 5-6 months.
    See table for product diameters and capacity
    Along with the line, there are raw material mixer and pipe
    crusher. In addition, the 2016 model air compressor and
    2017 model Chiller will be supplied with the line. When
    you purchase the line, it is possible to manufacture
    corrugated pipes in the ID150-400mm range without any
    further investment.