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  • Maplan 88 mm Twin Screw Extruder – TS88

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    Maplan TS-88, 88mm twin screw extruder for sale. ASK FOR VIDEO

    It is complete and in good running condition.

  • 4.5″ Sterling 30:1 Vented Extruder

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     4.5″ Sterling Single Screw Extruder
    200 HP (motor was purchased rebuilt 1 year ago)
    New VFD Drive (purchased new 1 year ago)
    30:1 L/D
    Vented Barrel and Screw
    13.95:1 Gear Ratio
    125 Max RPM
    Berringer 4.5″ Slide  Screen Changer
    Currently running in plant under power

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     CINN/HPM W/6″ EXTRUDER – 1998

    Milacron  Model:  Apex 6.0 Extruder
    Condition: very good –  NEW 1998
    65″ X 24″ Cinn/HPM w/6″ Ext. 65″ X 24″ No wind or shear 1998
    Used 65″ wide Cincinnati Milacron/ HPM 1998 sheet extrusion line last used on PET at Approx 1500-1800 Lbs/Hr.
    Includes the following:
    6″ HPM extruder 30/1 L/D direct connected to a 400HP DC motor, 1750 RPM and SCR control.  Has a 21.8/1 gear reduction, Electric heated and water cooled, non vented barrel with barrel mounted temperature control panel.  Has 60″ center line height, includes a 6″ Beringer UL screen changer, and static mixer section.
    56″ flex lip sheet die feeding an 18″ x 24″ x 24″ downstack 65″ chill roll stack with free standing pumping system and base mounted operator panel. actuated roll pressure and chain driven rolls.  Has NDC thickness gauge, dip coating station and pull roll stand.Still installed and in operation as of February 2021

  • 6″ NRM 30:1 Vented – Air Cooled – 400 HP Extruder

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    6″ NRM 30:1 Vented – 400 HP Extruder

    6′ Nrm Reconditioned Extruder – 30:1 L/D – VENTED – 43″ centerline height, new gernox seals, complete with gearbox cooling; heat ecxchanger, pump and motor – 30:1 L/D 8 zone barrel, rewired cast aluminum heaters, AIR COOLED VENTED BARREL, rebuilt general purpose PE screw, rebuilt 400 HP US Motors AC Motor with rebuilt WEG CFW11 AC Drive Control in panel, Reworked 14 zone control panel with newer interior electronics & CAL 9900 Solid State Instruments,with Feed Hopper and Diverter Valve, cleaned- painted and tested !!!

  • 2.5″ Killion Rubber Extruder – With Roll Feed – Mint

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    2 1/2” Killon Davis Rubber Extruder with power Roll Feed.
    12.8 to1 L.D.
    3 Barrel Zones two Die Zones Air Cooled.
    Eurotherm Controls with Amp Meters.
    Melt Pressure.
    RPM and Amp.
    40 H.P. D.C.
    900 Hrs on machine.
    Very nice condition.
  • Cincinnati Milacron 2.5″ Extruder – New 2016 Model S250

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    Cincinnati Milacron 2.5″ Extruder – New 2016 Model S250

    New 201 – Like NEW Condition !!! — Used in R & D facility with very low hours

    460 volt 3/60 cycle

    Control Voltage 24 DC/115 AC

    Motor Load 50 Amp

    50 HP motor

    14.21.1 Gear Rtio

    Includes Bunting Drawer magnet on feed throt

    Barrel Quick Clamp for Downstream Die



  • Fare 120 mm Extruder 150 HP

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    The Fare shown was reported running 500 pph plus polypro monofilament when removed from service .

    Fare 120 mm extruder
    150 hp dc motor
    Air cooled
    No heat cabinet
    Was running Polypro fiber

  • 1 1/2″ Gloucester 24:1 Water Cooled Extruder

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    1 1/2″ Gloucester 24:1 Water Cooled Extruder

    24:1 Water Cooled
    4 Barrel Zones
    1 Gate
    3 Die Zones
    Barber Coleman Controls 580
    10 H.P. Us Vari Drive
    General Purpose Screw, breaker plate some screens
    Hopper Dryer with loading system
    All Prints and Manuals.
    Good Condition
  • 6″ NRM Reconditioned 30:1 Extruder

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    6” NRM extruders  (we have 4) this one listed here with the photos runs now daily PE at about 1,500 pounds/hr.   Runs perfect but could probably use a screw rebuild.
    These 6” NRMs that we have in stock are idle and disassembled for a  future rebuild upon getting an order.  We have THREE 6” NRMs here as rebuild candidates all quoted the same but we can make one water cooled and/or NON-vented if needed but the price will change and be a little higher.
    We rebuild to our customer needs. – you can buy this one now as is – or we can recondition it….etc.
    One (1) Reconditioned 6″ NRM Extruder, with approximate 43″ centerline height, gearbox having new berings (less thrust) and seals with cooling unit, heat exchanger, pump and motor, 30:1 L/D & 8 zone barrel, rewired cast aluminum heaters, air cooled NON-Vented barrel, honed barrel, rebuilt PE Screw, rebuilt 400 HP AC motor with AC drive control in panel. Rewored 12 zone control panel with newer interior electronics & Cal 9900 and solid state iinstruments, with feed hopper and diverter valve.  We have it all… we do it all…. call for a customized quote….. 516 766 3222 office
  • 6″ NRM Rebuilt Extruder w/New 400 HP AC motor & Dr. 30:1 – Vented

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    SPECIAL – 6″ NRM Plastics Extruder – Rebuilt- approximately 43″ centerline height, gearbox having new bearing (less thrust) and seals with cooling unit, heat exchanger, pump and motor, 30:1 L/D 8 zone barrel, new cast aluminum heaters, air cooled and vented barrel with new blowers and shrouds, new insulated barrel covers, 2 stage general purpose polyolefin rebuilt screw, hones barrel, NEW 400 HP WEG AC motor with NEW AC drive control in panel, Reworked 12 zone control panel with new interior electronics & Cal 9900 solid state plug in type instruments, complete with in feed hopper and clean  out and diverter chute

  • 50 mm Coperion Twin Screw Extruder Mdl ZSK50

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    50 mm Coperion Twin Screw Extruder Mdl ZSK50

    Coperion Twin Screw Extruder,  Model ZSK50 MC, New 2007,  75 hp motor, with VFD drive for variable speed control, but no other control panel.
    8 barrel sections x 9” each.  Does include side feeder.  All mounted on a heavy duty base.
    (the control panel for this was part of a large process and did not get released with the extruder)
  • 26 mm Coperion Twin Screw Extruder-Mdl. ZSK-26

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    Coperion Twin Screw Extruder, Model ZSK-26, built 10/2005, unitized control panel with touch pad controls, on casters, approx. 9 barrel sections, with side feeder.